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Clifford, Abraham. Methodus Evangelica; or, The Gospel method of Gods saving sinners by Jesus Christ : practically explained in XII propositions. By the late learned Dr. Abraham Clifford. To which is prefixed a preface, by Dr. Manton, and Mr. Rich. Baxter

Bridge, William. A vindication of ordinances: by William Bridge, preacher of the Word of God at Yarmouth; sometime fellow of Emmanuel Colledg in Cambridg. Unto which is added, grace and love beyond gifts: opened in a sermon before the Lord Major of London

Harsnett, Adam. A touch-stone of grace Discouering the differences betweene true and counterfeit grace: Laying downe infallible euidences and markes of true grace: Seruing for the triall of a mans spirituall estate. By A.Harsnet, Bachelor in Diuinitie, and minister of Gods Word at Chranham in Essex