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Wall, Thomas. More work for the dean· : In a brief answer to some scandalous reports, published by Dr. Stillingfleet, in his book, entituled, An impartial account of the history, nature and pleas of the present separation from the communion of the Church of England; against some of the Lords faithful servants, namely, Mr. Henry Barrow, Mr. John Greenwood, Mr. John Penry, who by the bishops means, after long imprisonment, were put to death, contrary to Queen Elizabeths mind, in the year 1593, because they refused communion with the Church of England, by reason of the many popish corruptions in the ministry, and worship retained therein: and also for bearing their testimony against the same; which is still the cause many thousand Protestants refuse communion with the Church of England at this day. As likewise here is word for word the petition of those persecuted Christians, wherein is shewed the barbarous usage of the bishops to them. Together with the refutation of the then esteemed Bishop of Winchester's blasphemous doctrine, by Mr. Henry Barrow; with the description of the true Church of God, according to Christs Testament, by the whole Church at London, whom the Doctor calleth Brownists; with the reason why they were so nick-named by their enemies. Very needful for all true Protestants to know. By Thomas Wall

Some, Robert. A godly treatise, vvherein are examined and confuted many execrable fancies, giuen out and holden, partly by Henry Barrow and Iohn Greenewood: partly, by other of the Anabaptistical order. Written by Robert Some Doctour of Diuinitie