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The royal academy of complements. Wherein is set forth, a new packet of letters erected for ladies, gentlewomen, courtiers, gentlemen, scholars, souldiers, citizens, country-men, and all persons of what degree soever of both sexes, viz.

D. T. St. Pauls threefold cord : vvherewith are severally combined, the mutuall oeconomicall duties, betwixt husband. wife. parent. childe. master. servant. By Daniel Touteville Pr. to the Charterhouse

Erasmus, Desiderius. A mery dialogue, declaringe the propertyes of shrowde shrewes, and honest wyues not onelie verie pleasaunte, but also not a lytle profitable: made by ye famous clerke D. Erasmus Roterodamus. Translated into Englyshe