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King, William, preacher of the word of God. The strait gate to heaven A sermon preached before the poore distressed prisoners in the Kings Bench common gaole, to their heavenly comfort. By William King preacher of the Word of God

Bellarmino, Roberto Francesco Romolo, Saint. Of the eternall felicity of the saints fiue bookes. Writen in Latin by the most illustrious Cardinall Bellarmine, of the Society of Iesus. And translated into English by A.B. Permissu superiorum

Sibbes, Richard. A glance of heaven. Or, A pretious taste of a glorious feast Wherein thou mayst taste and see those things which God hath prepared for them that love him. By R. Sibs, D.D. master of Katherine Hall, and preacher of Grayes Inne London

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The saints everlasting rest: or, A treatise of the blessed state of the saints in their enjoyment of God in glory.