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Sibbes, Richard. A glance of heaven. Or, A pretious taste of a glorious feast : Wherein thou mayst taste and see those things which God hath prepared for them that love him. By R. Sibs D.D. Master of Katherine Hall, and preacher of Grayes Inne London

Rogers, Timothy. The righteous mans euidence for heauen. Or, A treatise shewing how euery one, while hee liues here, may certainly know what shall become of him after his departure out of this life. The ninth edition. By Timothy Rogers preacher of Gods Word in Essex

A glimpse of eternity.

The state of blessedness.

W. W., M.A. and chaplain to a person of honour. The state of blessedness. : By W.W. M.A. and chaplain, to a person of honour. Published at the request of a person of quality