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The primitive practise for preserving truth· Or an historicall narration, shewing what course the primitive church anciently, and the best reformed churches since have taken to suppresse heresie and schisme.

Gillespie, George. A treatise of miscellany questions : wherein many usefull questions and cases of conscience are discussed and resolved: for the satisfaction of those, who desire nothing more, then to search for and finde out precious truths, in the controversies of these times. By Mr. George Gillespie, late minister at Edinburgh. Published by Mr. Patrik Gillespie, minister at Glasgovv

Dalechamp, Caleb. Haereseologia tripartita: vel, De pernicie, necessitate, et utilitate haeresium in ecclesia Concio ad clerum habita Cantabrigiae 21 Iunii 1633 pro gradu Baccalaureatûs in Theologia. A Calebo Dalechampio Sedanensi, Ferribiensis ecclesiae rectore in comitatu Lincolniensi