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England and Wales. Sovereign (1603-1625 : James I). By the King : a proclamation for the confirmation of all authorized orders, tending to the vniuersall publishing and teaching, of a certaine religious treatise, compiled by authoritie, and intituled by the name of God, and the King

Mocket, Richard. Deus & rex: siue Dialogus, quo demonstratur, serenissimum D. nostrum Iacobum Regem, immediate sub Deo constitutum in regnis suis, iustissimè sibi vendicare quicquid in iuramento Fidelitatis requiritur

Hoskins, Anthony. A briefe and cleare declaration of sundry pointes absolutely dislyked in the lately enacted oath of allegiance, proposed to the Catholikes of England. Togeather with a recapitulation of the whole worke newly written by a learned deuine, concerning the same subiect. By H. I

Blackwell, George. In Georgium Blacuellum Angliae archipresbyterum a Clemente Papa Octauo designatum quaestio bipartita: cuius actio prior archipresbyteri iusiurandum de fidelitate praestitum. Altera eiusdem iuramenti assertionem, contra Cardinalis Bellarmini literas, continet