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Allix, Pierre. The judgment of the ancient Jewish church, against the Unitarians, in the controversy upon the Holy Trinity, and the divinity of our Blessed Saviour. : With a table of matters, and a table of texts of Scripture occasionally explain'd. By a divine of the Church of England

Augustine, Saint, Bishop of Hippo. Diui Aurelij Augustini Hipponensis Epicopi De summa trinitate que deus : ad Aureliu[m] Carthagine[n]sem episcopu[m] : libri quindecim ... cui theologic[ae] veritates illuminati doctoris Fra[n]cisci Maronis aptissime co[n]nectu[n]tur

Pico della Mirandola, Giovanni Francesco. Ioannis Francisci Pici Mirandulani Principis Co[n]cordiae[que] Comitis Hymni heroici tres ad Sa[n]ctissimam Trinitatem, ad Christum, & ad Virginem Mariam : una cu[m] commentariis luculentiss. ad Io. Thomam filiu[m]