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Glanvill, Joseph. The vanity of dogmatizing: or confidence in opinions. : Manifested in a discourse of the shortness and uncertainty of our knowledge, and its causes; with some reflexions on peripateticism; and an apology for philosophy. By Jos. Glanvill, M.A

Goodwin, Thomas. Aggravation of sinne : and sinning against knowledge. Mercie. Delivered in severall sermons upon divers occasions. By Tho: Goodvvin B.D

Herbert of Cherbury, Edward Herbert, Baron. De veritate, prout distinguitur a revelatione, a verisimili, a possibili, et a falso. Hoc opus condidit Edoardus Baro Herbert de Chirbury [sic] in Anglia, et castri insulae de Kerry in Hibernia, et par utriusque regni. Et lectori cuivis, integri & illibati iudicii dicavit