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Bragge, Francis. Practical discourses upon the parables of our blessed Saviour : with prayers annex'd to each discourse. By Francis Bragge, vicar of Hitchin in Hertfordshire. Imprimatur, Sept. 27. 1693. Guil. Lancaster R.P.D. Henrico Ep. Lond. a sacris domest

Bridge, William. A vindication of ordinances: by William Bridge, preacher of the Word of God at Yarmouth; sometime fellow of Emmanuel Colledg in Cambridg. Unto which is added, grace and love beyond gifts: opened in a sermon before the Lord Major of London

Eedes, Richard. Christ exalted, and wisdom justified: or The saints esteem of Jesus Christ : as most precious, handled; and their wise choice and subjection to him, as their Lord and Saviour, vindicated. By Rich. Eedes, minister of the gospel at Cleeve in Gloucestershire

Mennel, Jakob. Das ist der Passion in form eins Gerichtha[n]dels : darin Missiue[n] Kauffbrieff Urtelbrieff vnd an[der]s gestelt sein, Kurtzweillig vn[d] nütz zůlesen