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Becher, Johann Joachim. J.J. Becheri D. De nova temporis dimetiendi ratione, et accurata horologiorum constructione, theoria & experientia. Ad societatem regiam Anglicanam in Collegio Greshamensi Londini, Jan. 1680

Proclamations. 1672-01-10

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England and Wales. Sovereign (1603-1625 : James I). By the King. A proclamation for restraining inholders, cookes, chandlers, alehousekeepers, and other victuallers, from the vse of vvine caskes, or other large vessels prohibited by law

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Hughes, William. The flower garden and compleat vineyard : in two parts : the first, shewing how flowers are to be ordered, the time of flowering, taking of them up and of planting them ... : the second, an excellent way for the planting of vines, according to the ways of France, Germany, &c. ... : also the fashion of the wine-presses, &c. and how to advance our English wines