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England and Wales. Anno Regni Gulielmi et Mariae, Regis & Reginae Angliae, Scotiae, Franciae & Hiberniae, tertio. At the Parliament begun at Westminster the twentieth day of March, anno Dom. 1689. ... And from thence continued by several prorogations and adjournments to the two and twentieth day of October, 1691. being the third session of this present Parliament

Yelverton, Henry, Sir. Les reports de Sr Henry Yelverton, chevalier et barrt. Iades un des justices del Court de common bank. : De divers speciall cases en le Court del bank le roy: : cy bien en le darraigne temps del reigne du roign Elizabeth, come en les premiers dix ans del roy Jaqves. : Ovesq; deux tables perfaicts, de matieres notables, et nosmes del cases contenues en yceaux.