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Dent, Arthur. The plaine mans path-way to heauen. : VVherein euery man may clearely see, whether he shall be saued or damned. Set forth dialogue-wise, for the better vnderstanding of the simple. By Arthur Dent, preacher of the word of God, at South-Shoobery in Essex. Corrected and amended, with a table of all the principall matters hereunto added

Sutton, Christopher. Disce viuere: = learne to liue. A briefe treatise of learning to liue, wherein is shewed that the life of Christ is, and ought to be, the most perfect patterne of direction to the life of a Christian. In which also the well disposed may behold their orderly passage from the state of grace to the state of glory

Francis, de Sales, Saint. An introduction to a devoute life. Composed in French, by the R. Father in God, Francis Sales, Bishop of Geneva. And translated into English, according to the originall: by John Yakesley. Gent

Lansperger, Johannes Justus. An epistle in the person of Christ to the faithfull soule, written first by that learned Lanspergius, and after translated into English by one of no small fame, whose good example of sufferance & liuing, hath and wilbe a memoriall vnto his countrie and posteritie for euer