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John, of Avila, Saint. Certain selected spirituall epistles : written by that most reuerend holy man Doctor I. de Auila a most renowned preacher of Spaine most profitable for all sortes of people, whoe seeke their saluation

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Whitfield, Henry. Some helpes to stirre up to Christian duties. : Wherein is explained the nature of the duty of stirring vp ourselves. Instances are given in the most necessary Christian duties. Some questions about this subiect are profitably resolved. By Henry Whitfeld B D. preacher of Gods word, at Ockley in Surrey

Sutton, Christopher. Disce vivere. Learne to live. : A briefe treatise of learning to liue, vvherein is shewed, that the life of Christ is the most perfect patterne of direction to the life of a Christian. In which also, the well disposed may behold their orderlie passage, from the state of grace, to the state of glorie. Perused and corrected