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Scudder, Henry. A key of heaven : the Lords prayer opened, and so applied, that a Christian may learne how to pray, and to procure all things which may make for the glorie of God, and the good of himselfe, and of his neighbour. Containing likewise such doctrines of faith and godlines, as may be very usefull to all that desire to live godly in Christ Iesus

Smyth, John. A paterne of true prayer. : A learned and comfortable exposition or commentarie vpon the Lords prayer: wherein the doctrine of the substance and circumstances of true inuocation is euidently and fully declared out of the holy Scriptures. By Iohn Smith, minister and preacher of the word of God

Fuller, Thomas. A triple reconciler : stating the controversies whether ministers have an exclusive power of communicants from the Sacrament. Any persons unordained may lawfully preach. The Lords prayer ought not to be used by all Christians. By Thomas Fuller, B.D