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Swinden, Tobias. The usefulness of a general standing liturgy, before either extempore prayer, or forms of each private ministers composing : set forth in a sermon preach'd at the Cathedral-Church of Rochester, on Sunday the 22d of March, 1712/13

Daneau, Lambert. Theses de oratione Dominica : qu[ae] totius argumenti de bene precando analysin breuiter & methodicè continent, siue, ea sunt precationes ysiōdē siue symbebēkota spectentur : Lugduni Batauorum partim disputatae, partim etiam disputandae

Fuller, Thomas. A triple reconciler : stating the controversies whether ministers have an exclusive power of communicants from the Sacrament. Any persons unordained may lawfully preach. The Lords prayer ought not to be used by all Christians. By Thomas Fuller, B.D