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Gilby, Anthony. An ansvver to the deuillish detection of Stephane Gardiner, Bishoppe of Wynchester published to the intent that such as be desirous of the truth should not be seduced by hys errours, nor the blind [et] obstinate excused by ignorance Compiled by. A.G

Sander, Nicholas. The supper of our Lord set foorth in six bookes according to the truth of the gospell, and the faith of the Catholike Churche. By Nicolas Saunder Doctor of Diuinitie. The contents of euery booke are to be seen in the syde following

Zwingli, Ulrich. Von dem Nachtmal Christi, widergedechtnus, oder dancksagung Huldrychen Zuinglis meinung yetz jm latinischen Commentario beschriben, vn[d] durch dry getrüw brüder ylends in tütsch gebracht ...