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Morgan, Shinkin ap. The Welch doctor: or, The VVelch-man turned physitian : being a new way to cure all diseases in these times, viz. 1. You shall see by this book that her have skill in all the 12. signs, and knowledge of all the humors, and likewise of her sences in folkes podies. 2. Her undertakes to cure perfectly all the diseases in her she-cousens, as the glimring of her giszard, the quavering of her kidney, with all paines and ventosities in her pellies. 3. Her will undertake by her receits and her potions to make all omens that are barrons be as pig as her can tumble in two or three nights. 4. Her professes to restore to all her distressed cousens that have got the wambling trot, or dislocation in her pellies to her perfect health, that is, her will restore her mayden-heads, and her virginities in a small space, and with much facilities. 5. Her will cure all the agues that are in her states and her kingdomes, arising from factious and her turbulent humours. 6. Her will set all the bones that were broken at the battaile of Kinton among her cousens, though it were in her necks. 7. Her will with her purge and her vomits cleare the stomacke of her Church of all her errours ... 8. Her will doe more admirable cures then her cousens in the colledge of physitians can doe by her Galen and her Hypocrates; ... By Shinkin ap Morgan, professor of her medicall arts and sciences