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Worthy member of the House of Commons. Some notable observations upon the late summons by the Earl of Newcastle, of the town of Manchester. Written by a worthy member of the House of Commons, and appointed to be printed. Imprimatur John White

Fairfax, Ferdinando Fairfax, Baron. The answer of Ferdinando Lord Fairfax to a declaration of William Earle of Newcastle, touching a late vvarrant issued by the Lo: Fairfax, dated 2. February. 1642. : As also, the Lord Fairfax's willingnesse to decide the controversie with the said Earle of New-castle in a fayre field

Sherlock, William. A defence of Dr. Sherlock's notion of a Trinity in unity : in answer to the animadversions upon his vindication of the doctrine of the holy and ever Blessed Trinity. With a post-script relating to the calm discourse of a Trinity in the Godhead. In a letter to a friend