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Marcourt, Antoine de. A declaration of the masse the fruite thereof, the cause and the meane, wherefore and howe it ought to be maynteyned. Newly perused and augmented by the first author therof. Maister Anthony Marcort at Geneue. Tra[n]slated newly out of French into Englishe. Anno M.D.XLvii

Eberlin von Günzburg, Johann. Das Lob der Pfarrer : von dem vnnutzen Kosten der gelegt Wirt von dem gemainen vnuerstendigen Volck auff Mess lesen, volgungen, begrebnus, sybent, dreysigst, Iartag [et]c., vnd vo[n] Lob der Pfarrer vnnd jrer nötigen Caplan

Du Moulin, Pierre. The antibarbarian, or, A treatise concerning an unknowne tongue : as well in the prayers of particulars in private,asin [sic] the publique liturgie : wherein also are exhibited the principall clauses of the Masse, which would offend the people, if they understood them