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Knox, John. An admonition or vvarning that the faithful Christia[n]s in London, Newcastel Barwycke [and] others, may auoide Gods vengeau[n]ce : bothe in thys life and in the life to come. Compyled by the seruaunt of God John Knokes ...

Marcourt, Antoine de. A declaration of the masse : the fruite thereof, the cause and the meane, wherfore and howe it ought to be maynteyned. Newly perused and augmented by the first author therof. Maister Anthony Marcort at Geneue. Tra[n]slated newly out of French into Englishe. Anno M.D.XLvii

White, John. Diacosio-martyrion. id est ducentorum virorum testimonium, de veritate corporis, et sanguinis Christi, in eucharistia, ante triennium : aduersus Petrum Martyrem, ex professo conscriptum. Sed nunc primum in lucem aeditum. Ioanne Whito Anglo Colloegij Wicamensis apud inclytam Wintoniam praeside authore

Knox, John. The copie of a lettre deliuered to the ladie Marie : regent of Scotland, frome Iohn Knox minister of Goddes worde, in the yeare of our Lord 1556, and nowe augmented and explaned by the author, in the yeare of our Lord 1558