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Knox, John. A godly letter sent too the fayethfull in London, Newcastell, Barwyke, and to all other within the realme off Englande, that loue the co[m]minge of oure Lorde Iesus by Ihon Knox

A discourse of the conference holden before the French King at Fontain-bleau : betweene the L. Bishop of Eureux, and Munsieur du Plessis L. of Mornay, the 4. of May 1600. Concerning certaine pretended corruptions of authors, cyted by the sayd Munsieur du Plessis in his booke against the Masse. Faithfully translated out of the French

Morton, Thomas. A discharge of five imputations of mis-allegations, falsly charged upon the (now) Bishop of Duresme, by an English baron. : Shewing, that no solid or reall answer is to be expected, from the Romish party, to his late booke (against their Masse) so greatly maligned by them