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Le Grand, Antoine. Antonii le Grand Institutio philosophiae, secundum principia D. Renati Descartes : nova methodo adornata, & explicata. In usum juventutis academicae

Abercromby, David. Academia scientiarum: or The academy of sciences. : Being a short and easie introduction to the knowledge of the liberal arts and sciences. With the names of those famous authors that have written on every particular science. In English and Latine. By D. Abercromby, M.D

T. G. Logica elenctica sive Summa controversiarum, quae circa materiam, & praecepta logicae, agitari solent. : In qua etiam novae aliquot quaestiones tractantur. Authore Thoma Goveano, M.A. Verbi Divini ministro

Glanvill, Joseph. The vanity of dogmatizing: or confidence in opinions. : Manifested in a discourse of the shortness and uncertainty of our knowledge, and its causes; with some reflexions on peripateticism; and an apology for philosophy. By Jos. Glanvill, M.A