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Barrough, Philip. The method of physick containing the causes, signes, and cures of inward diseases in mans body, from the head to the foote. Wherunto is added, the forme and rule of making remedies and medicines, which our physitions commonly use at this day ... By Philip Barrough

Cortés, Jerónimo. Phisonomia, y varios secretos de naturaleza : contiene cinco tratados de materias diferentes, todos revistos y mejorados en esta tercera impression, a la qual se han añadido muchas cosas notables y de mucho prouecho

A. T., Practitioner in phisicke and chirurgerie. A rich storehouse, or treasurie for the diseased wherein are many approued medicines for diuers and sundry diseases, which haue beene long hidden, and not come to light before this time : first set forth for the benefit and comfort of the poorer sort of people that are not of abilitie to goe to the physicions