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Derbyshire (England). The compleat mineral laws of Derbyshire, taken from the originals ... : and all their bills of plaint, customs, cross-bills, arrests, plaintiff's case, or brief : with all other forms necessary for all miners and maintainers of mines within each manour, lordship, or wapentake

England and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I). By the King. A proclamation for the maintaining and increase of the mines of saltpeter, and the true making and working of saltpeter and gunpowder, and reforming of all abuses concerning the same

Pettus, John, Sir. Fodinae regales, or, The history, laws, and places of the chief mines and mineral works in England, Wales, and the English Pale in Ireland : as also of the mint and mony : with a clavis explaining some difficult words relating to mines, &c.

Devon (England). Stannaries. The olde lawes and statutes of the stannarie of Deuon as many as were in force, and heretofore imprinted: whereunto are added certayne other newlie made, in the yeare of the reigne of our souereigne ladie Queene Elizabeth, the xvj. 1574