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Willis, John. Mnemonica; or, The art of memory : drained out of the pure fountains of art & nature. Digested into three books. Also, a physical treatise of cherishing natural memory; diligently collected out of divers learned mens writings. By John Willis Batchelour in Divinity

Publicius, Jacobus. Oratoriae artis epitomata, siue quae ad consumatu[m] spectant oratorem, ex antiquo rheto[rum] gymnasio dicendi, scribendiq[ue] breues rationes, nec no[n] [et] aptus optimo cuiq[ue] viro titulus, insup[er] [et] p[er]q[uam] facilis memorie artis mod[us] Iacobi Publicij Florentini lucubratione in lucem editus ...