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Tyndale, William. The supper of the Lorde. : After the true meanyng of the sixte of Iohn and the .xi. of the fyrst epistle to the Corinthia[n]s, wherunto is added an epystle to the reader. And incidently in the expositio[n] of the supper: is co[n]futed the letter of master More agaynst Iohn Fryth

Tyndale, William. The souper of the Lorde. : wher vnto, that thou mayst be the better prepared and suerlyer enstructed: haue here firste the declaracion of the later parte of the .6. ca. of S. Ioha[n], beginninge at the letter C. the fowerth lyne before the crosse, at these wordis: merely were. [et]c wheryn incidently M. Moris letter agenst Iohan Frythe is confuted

Tho. Mori vita & exitus