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Penn, William. Good advice to the Church of England, Roman Catholick, and Protestant dissenter. : In which it is endeavoured to be made appear that it is their duty, principles & interest to abolish the penal laws and tests. Licenced June the 30th 1687

England and Wales. Sovereign (1603-1625 : James I). By the King : a proclamation for the confirmation of all authorized orders, tending to the vniuersall publishing and teaching, of a certaine religious treatise, compiled by authoritie, and intituled by the name of God, and the King

Comber, Thomas. The nature and usefulness of solemn judicial swearing : with the impiety and mischief of vain and false-swearing: in a sermon preached July 14th, 1681. In the Cathedral Church of S. Peter in York, at the assizes for that county. By Tho. Comber, D.D. prebendary of York

Bicknoll, Edmond. A svvord against swearers and blasphemers Shewing the lawfulnesse of an oth, and how great a sinne it is to sweare falsely, vainely or rashly