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Gage, Thomas. A new survey of the West-Indies: or, The English American his travel by sea and land : containing a journal of three thousand and three hundred miles within the main land of America: wherein is set forth his voyage from Spain to S. John de Ulhua; and thence to Xalappa, to Tlaxcalla, the City of Angels, and forward to Mexico: with the description of that great city, as it was in former times, and also at this present. Likewise his journey from Mexico, through the provinces of Guaxaca, Chiapa, Guatemala, Vera Paz, Truxillo, Comayagua, with his abode XII. years about Guatemala, especiall [sic] in the Indian towns of Mixco, Pinola, Petapa, Amatitlan. As also his strange and wonderful conversion and calling from those remote parts to his native countrey: with his return through the province of Nicaragua and Costa Rica, to Nicoya, Panama, Porto bello, Cartagena and Havana, with diverse occurrents and dangers that did befal in the said journey. Also a new and exact discovery of the Spanish navigation to those parts: and of their dominions, government, religion, forts, castles, ports, havens, commodities, fashions, behavior of Spaniards, priests and friers, black-moors, mulatto's, mestiso's, Indians; and of their feasts and solemnities. With a grammar, or some few rudiments of the Indian tongue, called Poconchi or Pocoman. The third edition enlarged by the author, with a new and accurate map. By Thomas Gage