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Soybert, Pierre. De cultu vinee D[omi]ni : liber in[n]umere plenus co[m]moditatis nedu[m] presulib[us] quos circa visitatio[n]es instruit : veru[m] etia[m] p[er]sonis o[mn]ib[us] eccl[es]iasticis, presertim plebanis [et] curatis supra q[uam] dici possit vtilis [et] ferme necessarius

Regula pastoralis

Wright, Leonard. A summons for sleepers. : Wherein most greeuous and notorious offenders are cited to bring foorth true fruits of repentance, before the day of the Lord, now at hand. Herevnto is annexed a patterne for pastors, deciphering briefly the dueties pertaining to that function, By L. Wright