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Instruction de la jeunesse en la piété chrétienne. English

Luis, de Granada. A memoriall of a Christian life wherein are treated all such thinges, as appertaine vnto a Christian to doe, from the beginning of his conuersion, vntill the end of his perfection : deuided into seauen treatises, the particulers whereof are noted in the page following

Bruno, Vincenzo. A short treatise of the sacrament of penance with the maner of examination of conscience for a generall confession : wherunto is added another treatise of confession, for such spirituall or deuoute persons as frequent that sacrament

Warford, William. A briefe treatise of pennance With necessary instructions for the due preparation to that sacrament, by making of a generall confession, & practice of other things belonging thereto. By Fa. William Warford of the Society of Iesus