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Charleton, Walter. Enquiries into human nature : in VI. anatomic praelections in the New Theatre of the Royal Colledge of Physicians in London· By VValter Charleton, M.D. and fellow of the same Colledge. Publish'd by order of the most learned president

Sennert, Daniel. Danielis Sennerti uratislaviensis Epitome naturalis scientiae. Adjiciuntur duo Indices, qui non anti hac extiterunt, tam medicis quàm morbosis accommodatissimi i. Plantarum & c. 2. Morborum & c. Annectitur etiam auctarium epitomes physices, auctore eodem Daniele Sennerto

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Accademia del cimento (Florence, Italy). Essayes of natural experiments : made in the Academie del cimento, under the protection of the most serene Prince Leopold of Tuscany. Written in Italian by the secretary of that academy. Englished by Richard Waller, Fellow of the Royal Society

Petty, William, Sir. The discourse made before the Royal Society the 26. of November 1674. concerning the use of duplicate proportion in sundry important particulars : together with a new hypothesis of springing or elastique motions. By Sir William Petty, Kt. Fellow of the said Society