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Downame, George. A treatise concerning Antichrist divided into two bookes, the former, proving that the Pope is Antichrist, the latter, maintaining the same assertion, against all the obiections of Robert Bellarmine, Iesuit and cardinall of the church of Rome

Williams, Gryffith. Ho Antichristos. The great Antichrist revealed, before this time, never discovered : And, proved to be neither pope, nor Turk, nor any single person, nor the succession of any one monarch, or tyrant in any policie ; but a collected pack, or multitude of hypocritical, heretical, blasphemous, and most scandalous wicked men that have fulfilled all the prophesies of the Scriptures, which have forespoken of the coming of the great Antichrist ; and especially, have united and combined themselves together by a solemn league and covenant to slay the two witnesses of God ; Moses and Aaron, as Christ interpreteth them ; (they have Moses and the Prophets Luke 16.29.) that is, the supreme magistrate of the Commonwealth, and the chief pastors and governours of the church of Christ. And the Christian world is requested to judge, whether the assembly of Presbyterians consulting at Westminster, together with the Independents, Anabaptists, and lay-preachers, be not the false prophet, and the mystical sould of that great Antichrist ; and whether the prevalent faction of the long Parliament, (termed of late the Rump Parl.) and their adherents, that killed the two witnesses of Jesus Christ, 1. Charles the first, King of Great Britain, and in him, civilly, all his magistrates ; 2. William Laud Arch-bishop of Canterbury, and civilly all the suppressed bishops and silenced preachers of these 3 kingdoms ; be not the grosse and visible body of the same antichrist