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Michelson, John. The la[wfulnes] of knee[ling] in th[e act] of receiuing th[e sacrament] of the Lordes [supper]. Written by M. John M[ichelsone] preacher of Gods [word] at Burnt-Yland

Widdowes, Giles. The lawlesse kneelesse schismaticall Puritan. Or A confutation of the author of an appendix, concerning bowing at the name of Iesus. Written by Giles Widdowes rector of St Martins Church in Oxford, and late fellow of Oriell Colledge

Paybody, Thomas. A iust apologie for the gesture of kneeling in the act of receiving the Lords Supper Against the manifold exceptions of all opposers in the Churches of England, and Scotland. Wherein this controversie is handled, fully. Soundly. Plainly. Methodically. By T.P