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Womock, Laurence. The result of false principles: or, Error convicted by its own evidence. : Managed in several dialogues. By the author of the Examination of Tylenus before the tryers. Whereunto is added a learned disputation of Dr. Goades, sent by King James to the Synod at Dort

Böhme, Jakob. Concerning the election of grace. Or Of Gods will towards man. Commonly called predestination. : That is, how the texts of Scripture are to be understood which treat of fallen lost Adam, and of the new birth from Christ. Being a short declaration and introduction concerning the highest ground, shewing how man may attain divine skill and knowledge. Written in the German tongue, anno 1623. By Jacob Behme. Teutonicus philosophus

Von der Gnadenwahl. English

Von der Gnadenwahl. English

Appello evangelium