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Pico della Mirandola, Giovanni Francesco. Ioannis Francisci Pici Mirandulae Domini, Concordiaeque comitis Liber de providentia Dei contra philosophastros

Salvian, of Marseilles. Sancti Saluiani Massiliensis presbyteri De gubernatione Dei, et de iusto praesentiq[ue] ejus judicio ad S. Salonium Episcopum, libri VIII. Eiusdem Epistolarum lib. I. Timothei nomine ad Ecclesiam Catholic. lib. IV. Cum duplici indice

Hyperius, Andreas. A special treatise of Gods prouidence and of comforts against all kinde of crosses and calamities to be drawne from the same With an exposition of the 107. Psalme. Written in Latine by Andreas Hyperius, and Englished by I.L. Vicar of Wethers fielde

Moore, John. Of the vvisdom and goodness of Providence. : Two sermons preached before the Queen, at White-Hall, on August 17 24 MDCXC. By John Moore, D.D. rector of St. Andrews Holborn, and chaplain in ordinary to Their Majesties. Published by Her Majesties special command