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James I, King of England. Declaration du serenissime Roy Iaques I. Roy de la Grand' Bretaigne France et Irlande, defenseur de la foy Pour le droit des rois & independance de leurs couronnes, contre la harangue de l'illustrissime Cardinal de Perron prononcée en la chambre du tiers Estat le XV. de Ianuier 1615

True son of the Church of England. A full answer paragraph by paragraph, to Sir John Fenwick's paper : given to the sheriffs, January the 28th, 1696[/]7. at the place of execution on Tower-Hill. By a true son of the Church of England, as establish'd by law

Heylyn, Peter. Examen historicum: or A discovery and examination of the mistakes, falsities, and defects in some modern histories. : Occasioned by the partiality and inadvertencies of their severall authours. By Peter Heylin. In two books