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Adamson, Patrick. Reuerendissimi in Christo Patris, Patricii Adamsoni, Sancti-Andreae in Scotia archiepisopi dignissimi ac doctissimi, Poëmata sacra, cum alijs opusculis. Studio ac industria Tho. Voluseni I.C. expolita & recognita

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Crashaw, Richard. Steps to the temple, The delights of the muses, and Carmen Deo nostro : By Ric. Crashaw, sometimes Fellow of Pembroke Hall, and late Fellow of St Peters Colledge in Cambridge

J. P. A sea of the seed's sufferings, through which runs a river of rich rejoycing. : Thick darkness girds the hours of death's black day, ... His end shall be to wear a weighty crown. Written in the year, 1659, in Rome-prison of mad-men, by the extream suffering servant of the Lord, John