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Adamson, Patrick. Reuerendissimi in Christo Patris, Patricii Adamsoni, Sancti-Andreae in Scotia archiepisopi dignissimi ac doctissimi, Poëmata sacra, cum alijs opusculis. Studio ac industria Tho. Voluseni I.C. expolita & recognita

Crashaw, Richard. Steps to the temple. : Sacred poems, with other delights of the muses. By Richard Crashaw, sometimes of Pembroke Hall, and late fellow of S. Peters Coll. in Cambridge. Printed and published according to order

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Crashaw, Richard. Steps to the temple, The delights of the muses, and Carmen Deo nostro : By Ric. Crashaw, sometimes Fellow of Pembroke Hall, and late Fellow of St Peters Colledge in Cambridge

Thorne, Francis. The soules solace in times of trouble. : With severall particular remedies against despaire, collected out of the Psalmes of David. And some short meditations and ejaculations upon the attributes of God, the Lords Prayer, and the tenne commandements. Written for the comfort of all the afficted. By F. Thorne, Gent