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United Provinces of the Netherlands. Staten Generaal. The declaration of the decree made by the Generall States of the Vnited Netherland Prouinces against certaine Arminians, or remonstrants, for their perpetuall banishment dated the 15. of Iuly, 1619, Stilo Nouo

Nederlandse Hervormde Kerk. Synoden. A proclamation giuen by the discreet lords and states, against the slanders laid vpon the euangelicall and reformed religion, by the Arminians and separatists : containing all the points, accusations, declarations and confessions, taken out of the last prouinciall synode holden at Arnhem, the 15. day of September last past. 1618. Together with the seuerall examinations and confessions (at Vtrecht and the Hage) of one Leydenberg, pentioner of Leyden, and Taurinus; with their sodaine and fearefull ends