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Playford, John. Vade mecum, or The necessary companion : containing, 1. Sir S. Morland's Perpetual almanack, readily shewing the day of the month, and moveable feasts and terms, for any year past, present, or to come, curiously graved in copper; with many useful tables proper thereto. 2. The years of each king's reign from the Norman conquest compar'd with the years of Christ 3. Directions for every month in the year, what is to be done in the orchard, kitchin, and flower-gardens. 4. The reduction of weights, measures, and coins, wherein is a table of the assize of bread. 5. A table wherein any number of farthings, half-pence, pence, or shillings, are ready cast up; of great use to all traders. 6. The interest and rebate of money; the forbearance, discompt, and purchase of annuities. 7. The rates of post-letters, both inland and outland. 8. The principal roads of England, shewing the distance of one town from another in measured and computed miles, and the distance of each from London; also the market-towns on each road, with the days of the week the markets are kept on; as likewise the hundred and county each town stands in. 9. The names of the counties, cities, and borough-towns in England and Wales, with the number of knights, citizens, and burgesses chosen therein to serve in Parliament. 10. The usual and authorized rates or fares of coachmen, carmen, and watermen