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Respondet Petrus: or, The answer of Peter Heylyn D.D. to so much of Dr. Bernard's book entituled, The judgement of the late Primate of Ireland, &c. as he is made a party to by the said Lord Primate in the point of the Sabbath, and by the said doctor in some others.

Heylyn, Peter. Examen historicum: or A discovery and examination of the mistakes, falsities, and defects in some modern histories. : Occasioned by the partiality and inadvertencies of their severall authours. By Peter Heylin. In two books

Sherlock, William. A defence of Dr. Sherlock's notion of a Trinity in unity : in answer to the animadversions upon his vindication of the doctrine of the holy and ever Blessed Trinity. With a post-script relating to the calm discourse of a Trinity in the Godhead. In a letter to a friend