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Scotland. An act of the Parliament of Scotland for the new leavies of horse and foot within that kingdome : upon advertisement of the advance of the English army under His Excellency the Lord Generall Cromwell against that kingdome

Scotland. Sovereign (1649-1685 : Charles II). His Majesties gracious letter to the Convention of Estates in Scotland, the 13th of June, 1678. : And the speech of His Grace the Duke of Lauderdale, His Majesties High Commissioner, to the Convention of Estates at Edenburgh, the 4th of July, 1678. With the dutiful letter sent to His Majesty, from the Convention of Estates in Scotland, the 11th of July, 1678. Published by authority

The speech of His Grace Alexander Earl of Morray, His Majesties High Commissioner; at the opening of the second session of the first Parliament of His Majesties ancient kingdom of Scotland. The 29th of April, 1686. Published by authority

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