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Hegendorph, Christoph. Domestycal or housholde sermons for a godly housholder, to his children and famyly, compiled by the godlye learned man Christopher Hegendorffyne, doctor, moste necessarye for all faythfull housholders: nowe fyrste translated oute of laten into Englysshe: by Henry Reiginalde

Ochino, Bernardino. Sermons of the ryght famous a[n]d excellent clerke Master Bernardine Ochine, borne within the famous vniversyte of Siena in Italy, nowe also an exyle in this life, for the faythfull testimony of Jesus Christ

Cyprian, Saint, Bishop of Carthage. A svvete and devoute sermon of holy sayngt [sic] Ciprian of mortalitie of man. The rules of a christian life made by Picus erle of Mirandula, bothe translated into englyshe by syr Thomas Elyot knyght

Ochino, Bernardino. Certayne sermons of the ryghte famous and excellente clerk master Barnardine Ochine, borne within the famous vniuersitie of Siena in Italy, now also an exyle in thys lyfe, for the faithful testimony of Iesus Christe. Faythfully translated into Englyshe