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John Chrysostom, Saint. A sermon of Saint Chrysostome, wherein besyde that it is furnysshed with heuenly wisedome [and] teachinge, he wonderfully proueth, that no man is hurted but of hym selfe: translated into Englishe by the floure of lerned menne in his tyme, Thomas Lupsette Londoner

John Chrysostom, Saint. A sermo[n] made by Iohn Chrisostome : patriarche of Constantinople, of pacience, of ye end of ye world, and of ye last iudgeme[n]t. Wherunto is added an other homelie made by Iohn Brentius of the vertue of Christes resurrectio[n] tra[n]slated into Englishe by Thomas Sa[m]pson

Du Pin, Louis Ellies. A compleat history of the canon and writers : of the books of the Old and New Testament, by way of dissertation: with useful remarks on that subject. Vol. I. On the books of the Old Testament. By L.E. Du Pin, Doctor of the Sorbonne, and Regius Professor of Philosophy in Paris. Done into English from the French original