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Tyndale, William. The supper of the Lorde : after the true meanyng of the sixte of Ioh⁻n and the. xi. of the fyrst Epistle to the Corhinthia[n]s, whervnto is added an epystle to the reader, and incidently in the exposition of the supper: is co[n]futed the letter of master More against Iohn Fryth

Munday, Anthony. A breefe aunswer made vnto two seditious pamphlets, the one printed in French, and the other in English Contayning a defence of Edmund Campion and his complices, their moste horrible and vnnaturall treasons, against her Maiestie and the realme. By A.M

Sedgwick, William. A second view of the Army remonstrance. Or Justice done to the Armie. : Wherein their principles are new model'd, brought out of obscurity into clearer light. By which the Army and the whole kingdome are under the conduct of the spirit of God, led out of a wildernesse to the view of a Canaan. Dedicated to the Generall, and the Councel of War. By William Sedgwick