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Addy, William. Stenographia or The art of short-writing compleated in a far more compendious method than any yet extant by Wm. Addy writing Mr

Shelton, Thomas. Zeiglographia. or A new art of short-writing : never before published. More easie, exact, short, and speedie then [sic] any heretofore. Invented & composed by Thomas Shelton author and teacher of ye said art allowed by authoritie

Mason, William. Arts advancement or The most exact, lineal, swift, short, and easy method of short-hand-writing hitherto extant : is now after a view of all others, and twenty eight years practice raised to a higher degree of perfection than any as yet published. The third edition, corrected and enlarged, by William Mason author & teacher of ye said art, at the writing school, the Hand & Pen in Scalding Alley over against the Stocks-Market