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Meredith, John. The sinne of blasphemie against the Holy Ghost, scholastically examined the reasons of the absolute irremissibility thereof displayed; an admonition to all reuolting apostataes [sic] annexed. By Iohn Meredyth, sub-deane of Chichester

Bradshaw, William. A discourse of the sinne against the Holy Ghost : grounded upon Matt. chap. 12, vers. 22-23 : tending to the comfort of such persons as being afflicted in conscience for their sins, are, by the delusions of Satan, brought to the brinke of despaire through feare that they have fallen into that unpardonable sinne

Baxter, Richard. The vnreasonableness of infidelity ; manifested in four discourses, the subject of which is expressed in the next pages. Written for the strengthening of the weak, the establishing of the tempted, the staying of the present course of apostasie, and the recovery of those that have not sinned unto death. By Richard Baxter