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Blow, John. Amphion Anglicus. : A vvork of many compositions, for one, two, three and four voices: with several accompagnements of instrumental musick; and a thorow-bass to each song: figur'd for an organ, harpsichord, or theorboe-lute. By Dr. John Blow

Smith, Francis. Musica Oxoniensis. A collection of songs: for one and two voices, with the thorough-bass. : Publish'd by Francis Smith, and Peter de Walpergen letter-founder, by whom 'twas cut on steel, and cast, by the directions of the former

D'Urfey, Thomas. A fool's preferment, or, The three Dukes of Dunstable. : A comedy. As it was acted at the Queens Theatre in Dorset-Garden, by Their Majesties servants. Written by Mr. D'urfey. Together with all the songs and notes to 'em, excellently compos'd by Mr. Henry Purcell. 1688. Licensed, May 21. 1688. R.P