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Greenham, Richard. A fruitful and Godly sermon containing necessary and profitable doctrine, for the reformation of our sinfull and wicked liues, but especially for the comfort of a troubled conscience in all distresses. By M. Richard Greenham pastor of Drayton

Erasmus, Desiderius. Enchiridion militis Christiani, which may be called in English, the hansome weapon of a Christian knight : replenished with many goodly preceptes: made by the famous clerke Erasmus of Roterdame, and newly corrected and impryuted [sic]. 1576

Erasmus, Desiderius. Enchiridion militis christiani, whiche may be called in Englysshe, the hansome weapon of a chrysten knyght replenysshed with many goodly and godly preceptes: made by the famous clerke Erasmus of Rotterdame, and newly corrected and imprinted

Erasmus, Desiderius. A shorte recapitulacion or abrigement of Erasmus Enchiridion brefely comprehendinge the summe and contents therof. Very profitable and necessary to be rede of all trew Christen men. Drawne out by M. Couerdale Anno. 1545