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Hilton, Walter. Scala perfectionis

Greenham, Richard. Paramythion : tvvo treatises of the comforting of an afflicted conscience, written by M. Richard Greenham, with certaine epistles of the same argument. Heereunto are added two sermons, with certaine graue and wise counsells and answeres of the same author and argument

Gascoigne, George. The droomme of Doomes day. : VVherin the frailties and miseries of mans lyfe, are lyuely portrayed, and learnedly set forth. Deuided, as appeareth in the page next following. Translated and collected by George Gascoigne Esquyer

Erasmus, Desiderius. Enchiridion militis Christiani, which may be called in englyshe ye hansome weapon of a Chrysten knyght : replenyshed with many goodlye and godlye preceptes made by the famus clearke Erasmus of Roterdame, and newly corrected and imprynted. Cum priuilegio ad imprimendum solum

Gataker, Thomas. The spirituall vvatch, or Christs generall watch-word. : A meditation on Mark. 13. 37. By Thomas Gataker B. of D. and pastor of Rotherhith